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Get a FREE Digital Certificate 
Good for a 3 Day 2 Night Vacation Get-A-Way to Your Choice of One of 50 Resort City Destinations.

Enter Your Email Below and We Will Send You the Certificate. There is No Cost or Obligation. All We Ask is that You Check Out the Compliments Of Business Website Below and if You See Something You Like, Want or Need That They Have, You Give Them the Chance to Earn Your Business.

The 3 Day 2 Night Vacation
This Week Is Compliments Of:


We Got Your Request and Will Email Your Certificate To You!


1) Enter your email directly above.

2) Within an hour you will be sent via email your certificate.

3) On the certificate there is a Validation Code you will need.

4) Either call the reservation number or go to the website that is

listed on the certificate. Choose your destination.

5) You will be charged a $12 dollar registration fee.

6) You will be charged room tax for the destination you have chosen.

7) Your total out of pocket will be about $42 dollars. Not bad for 3 days and 2 nights lodging in a Resort City.

8) After you have made your reservation then go on your vacation!

That's It! Have a Great Time and Remember the Business that Gave You the Certificate.

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